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My items can be purchased at my home.  I do deliver for regular customers, such as day care centers.  I can also meet you if I happen to be out your way.

I do not ship anymore as people love to say they want the item until they find out how much it costs to ship items nowadays.      

My prices are negotiable if I find the item isn't selling at the price point I listed it at.  I like to keep turnover at just under two weeks.  

You may notice my prices are higher than some others you may see on CraigsList and Facebook MarketPlace.  I know what my toys are worth and mine aren't trash.  If you buy from me, you know they do not have any germs on them, they are clean, they are safe, there are no recalls on them, they aren't broken, and they are usually made to last a lifetime.

If you buy a "lot" of toys in one shopping trip, I will usually give you a discount of about 10% or so.  I can work with you on that.  Sometimes it's more.  This also depends on the particular item.

Please, don't waste my time or your's and show up with less then the item you want costs.  I do not work that way.  If you only have $20 and the item is $30, ask before you come.  That way we are both not insulting the other's time. 

I will hold items for you if you pay in full beforehand.  I cannot do LayAWay as I do not have the space.  Items paid in full can await pickup of a month at the longest (storage space is tight).  I also offer trash bags in case your children are with you and you do not want them to see.  

Your children are more than welcome to come to my home and play in my yard as you shop in my garage. The front yard is clearly visible from the garage. I always have swings hanging from the tree (3) for different ages. I usually have either a climbing structure, swing set, or miscellaneous other yard toys out there. These are all for sale unless I tell you differently (some are awaiting pickup) but they are still open for playing on.  I DO NOT ALLOW your children in my garage as, quite frankly, it's a dangerous place.  I have toys stacked and they can fall if your child moves them a bit.  Also, children are overwhelmed in my garage.  They cannot possible pick out a toy that they like as it is overwhelming for them most times.  


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