Eric- Father of 6

We appreciate your generosity and feel blessed to have come across your amazing business, but more important to have come across YOU!


Joan- Customer of 4 Years

I do appreciate all the toys you've sold me and bought back too. I'm leaving in a week and I just want to wish you well in the future. You are such a nice lady and I appreciate the time you've taken with me. Thanks again. --Joan

Heather- Mother of 2

Thank you so much! This table looks completely new---what a deal! And
my kids had a blast on your swing :) I really appreciate the care and
attention to detail that you put into your items. I hope to do
business with you again :)

Rachel- mother to an 18 month old boy

Kathleen. I will definitely keep you in mind when I'm ready to purchase more toys. Thank you for the good quality toys at reasonable prices! I put my little guy in the coupe today and he really loved it! I can now say I drive a little, red convertible. LOL I can't wait to see his face when he wakes up tomorrow to find the picnic table my hubby has assembled in his playroom.
I'm sure he will enjoy it.

Thank you!


From Shenita- Family Child Care Owner

It was a great pleasure to meet with you today.  I will DEFINITELY be visiting you again.  I should be opening my Family Child Care Home next month.  I will greatly benefit from the service you provide.  I did not have to clean the kitchen because it was VERY clean which saved me a lot of time.  The toy was in excellent condition, and most importantly, you are such a nice lady.  I just registered on your site also.

Thank you so much,


From Heather with 2 small children  

Thank you for sending me your web link.  I will be giving it to a couple of friends with little kids too.  Both kids love the slide.  I'm sure I will be contacting you again to buy some fun stuff. 
From Nancy- Former MRMS Science Teacher- 2 Grandchildren ages 17 & 18 Months


Just got home and I am drenched.  Called Mike and he is very excited.  Am going to take a pix and send it to him.  I feel so lucky to have found you...your like my babies fairy godmother!!!:)  I am absolutely thrilled with my new purchases.  Thank you for taking such pride in your work.  It is a pleasure knowing you. 


PS I know we will chat again.  I see your garage and I want it all!

Satisfied Clients

Shelly P writes:

The 2 year old will never have a clue the kitchen didn't cost a million dollars, let alone that it was used by anyone else.  I don't have the funds right now, but I'll keep your site on my computer for future purchases.  I appreciate how clean the items are.  By the way, I saw someone criticize a "Kathleen" on craigslist for buying and selling.  In case that was you getting the unfortunate messages... I need you to know they don't speak for all of us shoppers on there!  The inexpensive things that are dirty are such a pain in the rear for busy mothers like me.  I very much appreciate what you do.  Don't stop!
Thanks again!


Julie P says:

Thank you for selling me the scooter!  I'm certain she will love it.  Thank you for the website.  I will put as one of my shopping "favorites."  I'm sure my daughter will need different toys as time goes on and she grows up.
Have a great night!
Jamie in Colorado Springs:
It was nice meeting you too Kathleen. I can't tell you how much they are enjoying the toys we bought. They were out on the octopus all afternoon and then playing with the tool bench this evening. We definitely look forward to purchasing more goodies from you. You have a great business there!
Thanks a lot!!


Dear Kathleen,

Your husband was very pleasant and helped put it in my vehicle.  I think this table set will be a great addition to my collection of toys.  My husband says we have more kids stuff than when we were raising childre, lol.  I thank you for sending me your website link and have bookmarked it.  I believe you will see me again as a customer so I look forward to meeting you.  

It has been a pleasure.  -DJ 

Kirsten- mother of 2- boy 1 1/2 and girl- 5 says:

My 2 kids are enjoying our latest purchases!  The train/utility table is a hit, with the neighborhood kids too!  Thank you for making this so easy in getting CLEAN, GREAT toys for my children.  And my son is warming to his Radio Flyer as well. 

Have a great Mother's Day!  Kirsten    

Laura-mother of a newborn girl and 2 boys, ages 3 and 4 years:

Thanks so much, Kathleen!  The boys absolutely love the motorcycle.  Thanks for watching them while I fed the baby. 

Take care, Laura

From Rena:

So far I only gave her the kitchen with the dishes and food.  I will wait until maybe tomorrow for the other 2 things only because she would be playing outside in the dark.  Haha.  Anyway, she LOVED the kitchen.  She immediately went to the phone and picked it up and said "hello, oh, okay, bye".  It was so cute.  She has been playing with all her food since we got home now and is squealing away in her room with her new kitchen and accessories.  So I thank you for making a little girl's day as well as mine to see her so happy.  I will keep checking out your website often especially when we do buy a house which hopefully will be in a year or so.  I will also forward your webiste to all my family and friends that love to buy previously loved items for their kids as much as I do.

Thanks Aagin,












From Jennie- Preschool Teacher in District 49

Hi All- (this was sent to her fellow coworkers)

I was looking for a Little Tikes Beauty Salon (because I had to leave Tammy's old one in the shed at WSDC North Elementary).  I came across this lady on Craig's list and she is unbelievable- thought I would forward this site to all in case you need something at a good price and a neat lady.


From Robbyn- Grandmother of 2

I no longer will waste gas driving all over to find good, clean, and very usable toys for my grandchildren!  You seem to have a good variety of children's toys!  I'll be back to shop!  I'm glad that I found you on Craigslist and will refer you to my friends.

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